Looking giddy at the opening reception for my solo show "Urban Planning"

A Little About Me

My artwork is inspired by people watching and travel. I like to sit in cafés, bars or on mass transit and sketch passers by. I enjoy using bold colors and textures, experimenting with various mediums including: collage, acrylic, oil and clay. 

My current body of work was inspired by an accidental collaboration with friend and fellow artist Cori Jacobs. Cori started a painting on a large unstretched canvas and let me run with my visions of chaotic cityscapes. I continue to explore the colors and energy of city living brought about from my collaboration with Cori and my travels in Mexico, Central and South America. 

In my other life I help small businesses tackle public relations, social media, and events needs. Feel free to send me an email with comments, questions or just to say hi. I'm always happy to hear from you.


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