Labor Day Weekend Roadtrip: Day Three

The drive from Portland to Three Forks, MT takes just about 12 hours. We took our time and stopped along the way, but when we finally met up with our friends Saturday night  it was nice to know we wouldn't be spending so much time in the car the next day.

My friends live on a 20 acre plot of land outside of Three Forks and it is so very quiet here. Laying in bed our first night the only sound was silence. Sunday morning their roosters crowing was my alarm clock, but I managed to sleep in a few more hours. After breakfast we hit the road to hike in the Gallatin National Forest.

The view from my friend's place Sunday morning.

Hiking in the Gallatin National Forest in Montana.

The drive back from Gallatin, just before sunset.

Ending the day grilling steaks and watching the sun set from the patio.

Day Three was a good day. Today (Monday) is off to a slow start, but I'm sure we'll find a little adventure before too long.