30 Paintings in 30 Days: Day One

Flipping through my Instagram feed to select and sketch the 30 photos I'll recreate.

Yesterday, January 1, 2017, I began the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. My goal is to get over all my objections to making and just complete one painting every day this month. It's tough to fit creative time into the schedule, and in my mind the idea of completing an entire painting every day for 30 days is intimidating. How can I possibly create something good enough to share in a couple hours time? The answer: work smaller and faster. Also- accepting that it does not have to be perfect.

I chose the "theme" of 2016 Instagram photos. So I will choose 30 images I posted to Instagram last year and I'll paint them on 6" x6" canvas, unless I get really inspired, then I might work bigger. This is how I chose to ring in the new year- sorting images and sketching the ones I wanted to recreate in paint on canvas. I started blocking out color on three canvases the evening of December 31st. 

On the left will become the Lower Reservoir at Mt. Tabor, and on the right a snapshot of my neighbors basketball hoop with a rainbow swish...

For Day One, I selected a view from Mt. Tabor's Dog Park around sunrise. I walk my dogs there often, so it's a theme I suspect will repeat itself throughout the course of this project. I plan to post a quick blog, every time I have a painting completed, so check back often. This is the most you'll ever see me blog on my own site!