That One Time, I Went to the Emmy's

Life is funny sometimes, isn’t it? I have been blessed with all sorts of unexpected experiences, but never in a million years would I have imagined attending the Creative Arts Emmy Awards! These are the weekend before the Emmy Awards, and mostly honor the behind-the-scenes talent: production designers, choreography, hair and makeup… that sort of thing. Well, my uncle Jon Jordan, was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel as part of the hair team, and I got to be his plus one!

Considering I work from home, and my studio is at home, I spend most of my days alone and wearing clay or paint clothes. Glamour… well it’s not really me. So it was extra fun to play dress up and hit the red carpet, literally! And with an Emmy nominated hairdresser to help, well I didn’t even look like myself. Boy, getting glam is a process!


While Jon and his co-nominees were taking photos and answering questions, I found myself standing between a plastic shrub and the water cooler people watching. I’m not much on pop culture and celebrity, but I was a little giddy to see Charlie Bennett stroll by me, looking dapper in his white tuxedo. Inside the Microsoft Theater I caught glimpses of Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch , Bradley Whitford , Natasha Lyonne, Sterling K Brown, Lorraine Cox, Ryan Eggold and a bunch more.

Walking the red carpet in LA.

Walking the red carpet in LA.

The big news of my evening was that the hair team, including uncle Jon… WON THE EMMY! What an amazing accomplishment to witness! Here’s a few more pics from our LA adventure.