30 Painting in 30 Days: Painting # 17

Sometimes paintings come together faster than I think they will. Painting # 17 came to life in a couple of hours on Sunday morning. As always, I feel like I could keep working on this one, but in the spirit of completing the larger project, 30 paintings in January.

Last year we made a day trip to visit a fellow artist friend at his home in Washington. We stopped at Moulton Falls park on the way and wandered the short trail, and climbed on the rocks to get down to this view point of the bridge.

The intense and varied shades of green present in the Pacific Northwest is one of the reasons I love it here so much. Even in the dead of winter, luminous moss grows fat on rock faces and cliff sides. Flipping through my Instagram photos to choose which to paint has been a welcome reminder of how much natural beauty there is in this world, and that I should get out to experience it more often. So should you!

Until next time...